Locating Burst Pipes

There are those days when things can get really bad. For instance, there are days when things are going bad and you get in a wreck. Or there the days where things start to break down. Some days you will wake up to find your plumbing is malfunctioning. On the really bad days your pipes burst inside your house or outside your house.

When your pipes do burst, the question is how do you find them. There are lots of ways to find out where they are at. Here is an article that helps with this in detail. You will also need this site to help you think through which tools you will need to repair the burst pipe.

The process can be a pain to find. You will easily be able to locate the area due to the moisture and water. You will be able to walk near the burst pipe recognizing that there is a lot of water in this area. Often times you are going to find that it is extremely wet and muddy. This will be your first sign.

However, finding the pipe can be challenging. It is challenging because you don’t know exactly where the pipe is. Here is a helpful article on how to find pipes in your yard. If you were to have the original design and make up of your home, then you could look at the blueprints to find the pipes. However, most people don’t have these. This means that you have to do it the old fashion way.

You have to dig. Start digging in the general area. This process needs to be done very carefully. You don’t want to do more damage to the pipes. Proceed with great caution as you dig. The pipes will be about 1 foot- 2 feet deep. Start by digging a 3×3 foot box. You can get a better feel for where the pipe is if you dig wider. Once you have dug the hole and found the pipe, then carefully start pulling all of the dirt back. You will also want to make sure you are going deep enough underneath the pipe. You have to tell where the drip is coming from. The only way to do this is to get the dirt out from underneath the pipe. Once this is done, wipe down all of the pipes. Then, begin looking for the leak. Normally, you will be able to tell right away where the leak is. Particularly, if the leak is dripping fast. It will create a pool of water.

From this moment, you will need to cut the water off. Once the water is cut off, you can begin cutting the pipe on two different sides of the leak. Once you have cut it off, you can then replace the pipe with two fittings on each side as well as a new piece of pipe. Make sure you have pvc pipe and glue that will help it stick together. Once you have done this, turn the water back on to see if there are any other leaks. If not, then fill the hole back up. You should be good to go.

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